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Book Proposal Submission: Respond to this Survey

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Please provide personal distinctions (academic degrees, honours, distinctions conferred, and posts held) that are relevant to this book or software and could contribute to promotion. Please email curriculum vitae separately if you have one available.  Previous publications of relevance to the promotion of this book or software: *

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Mailing Lists. If you have access to any up-to-date mailing lists that we may use for advertising the book, please attach or advise us. Please make certain that the lists have complete names and addresses, including postal codes. Briefly describe the mailing lists that you have below.

Describe your book or software, taking into account the questions that follow. This information will serve as the basis for our promotional material. *

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If this is a new edition, how does it differ from the previous one?

Provide details of the previous edition (name of publisher, last release of the edition, sales data, if available)

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If your book or software is intended as a textbook, in which department will the subject matter be taught?

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Please suggest any illustrations for use in promotion. Please do not suggest art that has been used by permission from another source.

Please supply us with a brief biography of the author(s)/editor(s), which will be used as the basis for our promotional material. *

Reviews of Your Book or Software. Please list, in order of importance, the name and address of all journals you believe might review your book or software. This should include Canadian, U.S. and overseas journals.

Manuscript or Software Reviews. Please provide name and contact information (mail address; telephone/fax number; email address) of two or three suggested reviewers for your material whom you have not personally contacted in this regard. (We will also attempt to locate our own reviewers.)

Rival Publications or Software. Are there any books or software of similar content and level presently on the market? If so, please identify them. If possible, please list title, author(s), publisher, year of publication and price.

Special Sales  If you are aware of any institutions, corporations, or agencies that might be interested in bulk purchases of your book or software, please provide their contact information (institution's name; contact person; mail address; telephone/fax number; email address).

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