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The Insurance Brokers' Association of Ontario now offers online CAIB courses as a supplementary study tool to the CAIB program.

The Enhanced Learning Features
of the CAIB Online Include:

  • Complete Multimedia Lectures that you can access as often as you wish. Try the demo!
  • Interaction with the Multimedia Presentations Active learning that helps maintain your interest.
  • Downloadable PowerPoints for easy note taking and better retention of the course content.
  • Progress Quizzes with remedial feedback to consolidate your comprehension.

Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Program (CAIB)

If you are currently preparing for the CAIB 1, CAIB 2, CAIB 3 or CAIB 4 examination, this online course is a highly valuable study tool.

Registration Steps:

Step 1: Select Register Now and pay for the courses you select online.
The access fee is $49 + HST per course. You must purchase the corresponding textbook from IBAO prior to registering for an online CAIB course.
Step 2: If you are paying by credit card, you will immediately receive your username & password. For other methods of payment, click on Username/Password to obtain your personal access one business day after submitting your registration and payment. You may also retrieve your username & password by clicking the above link.
Step 3: Select Access Your Course to begin learning the curriculum in the course for which you have registered.

- Registration in an online CAIB course provides you with 12 weeks of online access.
- If you pay by cheque or money order, payment must be received before you can obtain access.
- You must purchase the corresponding textbook from IBAO prior to registering for an online CAIB course.

Online Content:


CAIB I explores the basics of fire insurance. After an introduction to insurance concepts, habitational policies, farm policies and automobile policies are discussed in depth. To complete the text, the last chapter deals with building towards professionalism and the regulation and duties of brokers.


CAIB 2 is entirely concerned with commercial property insurance coverages, focusing on the underwriting of commercial property insurance, commercial property policy forms, additional coverage forms, miscellaneous property forms, crime insurance, and business interruption insurance.


CAIB 3 provides a comprehensive study of commercial liability insurance and other important commercial coverages. The initial focus is on commercial liability and the law, the commercial general liability policy, commercial automobile exposures, and surety bonds. The course then explores ocean marine insurance, aviation insurance, and the basic concepts of risk management.


CAIB 4 course provides an introduction to the principles of organizing and managing an insurance brokerage business. Many of the concepts presented are general business concepts, which can be applied to any commercial enterprise. Other topics focus on some of the unique concerns of a modern Canadian property and casualty insurance brokerage.


Registering in any CAIB course provides you with 12 weeks access to the online courseware

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