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Online Continuing Education (CE) Courses

Start taking CE courses in 4 easy steps...

Step 1:
View the course descriptions, below, and check up to three courses that interest you.
Step 2:
Select Register Now and pay for the courses you select online. Please have your license number ready;
Step 3:
If you are paying by credit card, you will immediately receive your username & password. For other methods of payment, click on Username/Password to obtain your personal access one business day after submitting your registration and payment. You may also retrieve your username & password by clicking the above link.
Step 4: Select Access Your Course to begin learning the curriculum in the course(s) for which you have registered.

- The price for each CE course and the type and amount of credits granted is listed below;
- All prices include GST;
- Registering in an online CE course provides you with 4 weeks of online access for courses of 4 hours credit or less. Each additional hour of credit provides you with one additional week.
- If you pay by cheque or money order, payment must be received before you can obtain access.
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The following course extensions are available:
$29 course extension fee for two weeks of extended access.
$15 course re-activation fee for up to one week of extended access.

To purchase a course extension, send an email to: sales@captus.com

All course extensions are subject to the following:

- Extensions only apply to the same course(s) originally registered for;
- Extensions are only granted within two weeks of the original course(s) access expiry;
- Maximum of one extension per course;
- Extensions are not available for one-year subscriptions.

WARNING!  Insurance Council of B.C. Continuing Education (CE) regulations specify that you must NOT complete more than seven (7) hours of CE credits in a single day. If you go over seven (7) hours of CE study in one day, the Insurance Council will disallow all credits over and above this limitation. As a licensee, it is up to you to ensure that you do not go over the daily limit when engaged in online CE courses. (updated on June 16, 2008)

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* The "Excess Liability and Umbrella Coverages" and "History and Legal Aspects of Fire Insurance" courses are available to licensees in B.C. only.