Duties and Responsibilities for Level 3 Agents and Nominees in British Columbia

Presented in co-operation with the Insurance Council of British Columbia, this seminar addresses the duties and responsibilities of a Level 3 general insurance agent in B.C. This seminar is required for all existing Level 3 agents, including nominees, as a condition of licensing in B.C. and is a requirement for anyone planning to apply for a Level 3 agent's license. If your license has been issued with a condition that you participate in this seminar, you must take this course to be in compliance with that license condition. Failure to do so could result in your Level 3 agent's license being amended to a Level 2 agent's license. If you have already participated in a Level 3 seminar, you do not need to attend again.

Credit: 3 hours Technical Credits
Access Duration: 4 weeks

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