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Started: 4/19/2022 8:04 AM
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​Features of the Diploma in Sociology

Features of the Diploma in Sociology


As you write your dissertation, it is important to check it for errors. The text is presented in a scientific style. Sentences should be short, concise, clear and concise, logical and coherent. Don't forget about plagiarism. The minimum requirements for it can be clarified with the curator or at the department, in the methodological recommendations. Be sure to submit your work to your supervisor for review. He will point out the advantages and disadvantages, advise how to make the project better and more interesting. Also, positive and negative points will be specified at the pre-defense.


Selection of additional materials for protection


To make the graduate's speech interesting and understandable, it is recommended to accompany the story about the study with a presentation and various schemes.




Experienced performers recommend adhering to the following rules when writing a WRC in sociology:

  • sociology is a humanitarian science, therefore, when creating a diploma, emphasis should be placed on theory. It is important that the materials are related to empirical research
  • the paper should indicate only those research results that are related exclusively to the chosen topic.
  • pay attention to the subject and the object. It is important to correctly identify these elements. The subject is of a generalized nature and gives a description of the occurring phenomena, and the object is a particular phenomenon included in the subject and considered on a specific example (sample, audience, organization, etc.).
  • the topic of the diploma should be in close contact with the place of practice, so that in the future the student uses real data in his research.
  • during the implementation of the practical part, it is important to collect the most accurate results. To do this, participants in surveys, questionnaires and other events need to correctly interpret the rules for participating in the experiment.
  • the results of the study can be included both in a separate chapter and in the theoretical (as the issue is considered), in the introductory or concluding part.


These rules will make sure that paper is written in accordance with all the necessary regulations and guidelines. As a result, less overall time will be spent perfecting it, even if it looks like these rules will slow your writing process down. 


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Posted: 9/21/2022 4:06 AM
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This is the "skeleton" of the work, which highlights the main issues that have been explored in the work. In addition, help with essay is a full-fledged diploma plan, a guide for a student, teacher, members of the state examination committee.​