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Started: 1/7/2021 11:13 AM
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Love aside

Choosing Between Love and Career

Build A Christian Friendship With A Girl

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Do You Feel Desperate?

Primo incontro: brevi e semplici

26 & Married?

Family Values

A Love Lost

Modern Day Dating- A Gift or a Curse?

Divorced and now online Dating: Am I booty call or more?

Creating a Positive Lifestyle

I suggested Friends with Benefits

Say What You Want Out Loud

Green Light Your Day

Take Time to Date

Exploring the Perils of FOMO

Listen to Your Intuition

Keeping in Touch

Is HBS An Attractive Industry for Dating?

Developing Your Online Distribution Strategy

Hi Cherry,

Thanks so much for the explanation! I love your advice…. it’s just so…applicable to real life situations.
And I’m glad that if I am not sure if I got your point I can just ask a question.
Thanks! And Please keep making those awesome advice videos.



You’re welcome, Roksana!

Thanks again for watching and for commenting :)

Love, Cherry

Posted: 1/7/2021 8:40 PM
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