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Started: 2/3/2022 7:01 AM
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Academic papers

Among the university academic papers the abstract is considered the easiest written work. Therefore, when the teacher does not accept the abstract at the first time, the student is puzzled: how come, after all, in school such abstracts were quite successful! And the thing is the university has a slightly different approach and requirements for this type of written work. Let's look at what is an abstract in high school and what sections it consists of.

You already know that the abstract is a report on a certain topic. The word "abstract" from the Latin translates as "report", "report". At the university, such works serve to test and expand the knowledge of students on a particular topic. Most often it is a purely theoretical task, showing how the student knows how to work with buy coursework. Therefore, download ready-made abstract from the Internet or compose it from the chapters of the textbook will not be the right solution: such a "trick" the teacher, most likely, will not accept. To write a competent essay you will have to study several sources on the topic (at least 3-5), rethink the material, paraphrase in some places, arrange quotations and merge everything into a coherent text.

Cover page: a sample cover page, as a rule, is available in the methodology book for written papers, which is given to students at the university. In accordance with the standard, at the top of the page writes the full name of the law essay writing services, in the center in the middle of the page under the word "Abstract" indicates the subject and theme, a little below, with a shift to the right - information about the author and the examiner, at the bottom of the page - place and year of writing the essay.

Contents (table of contents, the plan of work): here marked all the items performed by indicating the pages.

Introduction: this point is mandatory in the modern university abstract, it should contain the relevance, purpose and objectives of your work.

The main part: on average it may include from two to six sections - depending on the extensiveness of the chosen topic. It is important that all of them correspond to the theme, and that in general the theme was disclosed.

Conclusion: it contains the main conclusions on the topic, summarizing the results, it is necessary to indicate to what extent the goal and the tasks outlined in the introduction have been achieved.

List of references (list of references, bibliography) 6 the optimal number of sources used for the abstract - 5-6. There are universities, requiring the use of 10-15 sources when writing a paper.


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Posted: 2/3/2022 10:17 AM
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