Sample Test

1.The FDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service, and CDC have jointly published this reference document for regulatory agencies responsible for overseeing food safety in retail outlets:
 a)Food Code
 b)Food Law

2.Cultural _____ is the ability to collect culturally relevant information from clients and perform culturally-based assessments and interventions.

3.The dietetics professional has developed a weight-loss program that includes encouraging participants to reward themselves with treats such as new clothes, going to a movie, or spending more time in a favorite past-time after they have lost 5 pounds. The learning theory being applied is______.
 b)social learning

4.Which of the following illnesses is most commonly linked to raw meat, unpasteurized dairy products, and ready-to-eat foods like hot dogs, deli meats, and soft cheeses such as brie?
 a)Bacillus cereus
 b)Clostridium botulinum
 c)Clostridium perfringens
 d)Listeria monocytogenes

5.The Joint Commission outlines patient safety goals annually. Which of the following is NOT a patient safety goal in an outpatient setting?
 a)Reconcile medication list
 b)Identify patients correctly
 c)Prevent infections
 d)Individual competence

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