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Calendar Overview

Semester Overview

Students are admitted to FIFC on a rolling basis. Students begin their twelve to twenty-four month sequence immediately following their admission. Once started, our integrated, applied program runs on a sequential semester basis.

The program is divided into two semesters with each semester having two terms. One class is taken each term. At the end of every term, each successful student will have produced a measurable valuation report intended for inclusion in the student’s portfolio. The curriculum is integrated and tailored to prepare students to complete the valuation report at the end of each course. Each term’s material is then scaffolded on that of the term before, meaning that the complexity of the curriculum increases and relies upon the skills learned in previous terms.

Grades Overview

Grades are entered at the end of each term. Each of the courses completed (MBV 1, MBV 2, MBV 3 and MBV 4) will result in a grade and the cumulative results of these grades represent the overall GPA.

For further, detailed information on Grades please refer to page 21 of the FIFC Graduate Catalog.